My Belly Button Gets Red Inside And Pusses A Smelly Liquid. Is There Something Wrong?


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natalie johnson answered
It is infected. Call the place that di the piercing and ask them what you should do to disinfect it.
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Anonymous answered
I got an infection in my belly button a few years ago and it sounds similar to what your describing I got drops from my doctor to put in it you should consult yours too.
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Jamie Ciprani answered
that's because it is infected which means you are not taking care of it as you should be. To keep it from getting an infection, get a cotton swab and soak that in hydrogen peroxide and gently dab it around the piercing.
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HoNeY NOYB answered
It could just be a rising. Like a pimple. But don't try and mess with it.  It could cause an infection. Then turn into a staff infection. Which a doctor would help you take care but is highly contagious once it hits a staff infection level.
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Euuuggghhh! Cause you have an infection! Try just some Neosporin or something first but if it's not better in a day or so head for the doctor's.
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Olivia-Grace answered
Have you got your belly button pierced? If so, I have that and have no clue what the hell it is ahaha
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Emily Kissick answered
Well it depends. If you just got it done its because you have a hole in your skin and it is trying to heal.. But if you have had it, it means you need to clean it more often and maybe change the barbell to a smaller more comfortable one. It may have a small infection so you want to put peroxide or alcohol on it. Don't let it go to long cause it can make you sick and it can become fatal!

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