Do you like my new bikini?


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Maddy Smith Profile
Maddy Smith answered
Two words love it
Derek Bvumburai Profile
Derek Bvumburai answered
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
Haha yea its awesome
Emily Smith Profile
Emily Smith answered
It's so cool. Luv it
Claudia Foster Profile
Claudia Foster answered
How do u get a bikini body?! Im 13 and have always worn a swim suit that goes to ur belly button but its a 2 peice, do u need to have "girlies" in order to wear one?
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Maddy Smith
Maddy Smith commented
What do you meaan by girlies?
Claudia Foster
Claudia Foster commented
Boobs lol
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith commented
Well to get a bikini bod, you need to go on 3 km jogs each morning, work out at the gym each day (treadmill, bike machine and weights) and not eat too much unhealthy food. You don't have to have boobs, but it helps

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