I've got many pimples on my face. Why is that, and how can I get rid of them?


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Some persons develop pimples when they arrive at a certain
age. This may be caused by toxins in the body. The best way to remove or prevent pimples
is to make a change in your diet. Eat more vegetables and drink more water. 

Green vegetables especially will be helpful. I remember having raw parsley
leaves and seeing pimples disappear in a few days. Do wash them before
consuming though. Also ensure that you do not have constipation.

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Lots of people have that. You may have lack of sleep, stress and improper hygiene. Better yet have enough sleep, don't stress too much and don't do anything with it, like pulling it, pinching and any other hand works it will leave a mark as that's harder to get rid off. And you may also go for a therapy though it hurts a lot.

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Join the club.

There are many causes, in addition to what the others have said, I'd suggest reducing any food in your diet high in oils (french fries, deep fried foods). Oddly enough, when it comes to cooking, you're better off sticking with actual butter than vegetable oils.

Reduce sugar in your diet as well. It may not effect your pimples, but it's better for you.

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