How A Looks When There Pimples In A Virgina?


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The std herpes will look like pimples or boils they will be around and even inside the vagina, they can also appear on your butt. They can either be red with a white part in the middle or just plain red,  they can be a purple or blackish color, they can even be a burgundy color, some will scab on top or around the area, some get larger than others and it will take a long time for them to go away if they even do, some forms of herpes don't go away, others will have out breaks once in a while, some even get it once and then never get them again. You should really go to your doctor and have it looked at. You can spread herpes to your partner during inter course and there is no cure for herpes, they have a medicine that will help control the out breaks but, it will not cure it. You can also get herpes in your mouth , it will look like a cold sore . Both vaginal and oral herpes can be very painful if you have a bad out break, other times you might not even know there thier.

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