Do You Wear Pants Under Medical Scrubs?


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Scrubs are worn over underwear and bra.  Some girls also wear a T-shirt to keep out the prying eyes.
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Haha! Weeeell as a girl who is commando the majority of the time....I ALWAYS wear underwear under my scrub pants! I can just imagine CPR....which btw is pretty brutal.....kneeling on the side of a bed, butt sticking out, doing compressions and riiip..... The seam rips right up the derrier! Exposed for all to see! No thanks, ALWAYS wear underwear under scrubs!

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So long as the scrubs completely cover what you are wearing - and you are confident that you won't get too hot, it is OK to keep pants on.  However , it is normal to just wear your underwear under scrubs as operating rooms can get quite warm.  One would not want to start feeling faint - which is more likely to happen if you get too hot.
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I work in an infectious disease where we have to shower in and out of the P3 facility.  We are instructed no underwear for sanitation reasons.

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