What Is The Best Wedding Dress For Fat Lady?


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You better go for an A line shape. That would look perfect on you. But you know what's really the best wedding dress when you're in the middle of wedding planning? It's the that is comfortable to wear. It's your big day so if you'll wear something that fits you and your personality, that will make you more beautiful. Hope this helps.

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The bride is most beautiful on her wedding day...and anything she wears can make her more beautiful. A skinny bribe must refrain from wearing a tight-fitted gown...,that with full-ruffles and embroidery work fits her best with a ruffled close-neck gown. A fat bride can wear a V-cut for this will slim her down and the bust line must be cut to be in an A-line cut down the heels...and she should wear that high-heeled sexy stiletto for added glamor.
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Column, Empire and layer wedding dresses are fit for fat lady, you can check out these sytles and more wedding dresses from dresses shop
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An A-line with empire waistline might be good for you. Go to the website ambersbridal.  Maybe you can find a suitable one for you.
DIDI LAURA answered
The best wedding dress is the one you like best. That is your wedding, where you're absolutely the most beautiful. Just choose the one you have been dreaming of so long. The dream dress makes your dream wedding. You are the best-looking bride !

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