How To Use Lemon For Dark Underarms?


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The effects of lemon juice as a skin whitener has been well documented. What you can do is rub lemon on your armpits and let it sit there for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. You can also use virgin coconut oil as an alternative for lemon juice. To make the solution more potent, you can use it in conjunction with an otc remedy for acne scar such as whiterderm. You just have to be patient and consistent in dealing with dark underarms there is no fast way to lighten skin regardless of the regimen that you use, unless you will go for a laser treatment.
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Squeeze the lemon juice out
remove the meat of the fruit
use the inside of peel to run on dark area
do not use immediately after shaving wait a couple of days
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It is natural therapy.  Lemon juice is used for skin whitener.

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