Exactly What Do Pores Look Like?


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What do clogged pores look like? - Yahoo! Answers

What do clogged pores look like? A year ago I formed this little pimple on my chin. I tried to pop it, but nothing came out. The skin easily comes off ...
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The dots on your face and your skin you can see are your pores. Some people naturally have smaller and larger pores. I have larger ones especially in my face. But there are many products out there that will reduce them to give you smoother skin.you may think it is hair folicles because normally there is hair there also, but that is just a coincidence. Folicle meets pore kinda thing I guess.
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Pores look like very small cirles and you don't want them clogged up cause that will cause pimples or acne.
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Type pores on google.

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