What Does Lemon Juice And Baking Soda Do?


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When baking soda and lemon juice are added together, a chemical reaction occurs. The reaction of the two is an acid-based reaction because it involves an acid (citric acid in the lemon juice) reacting with a base (sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda). We can write this reaction as follows:

C6H8O7 + 3NaHCO3 <---> Na3C6H5O7 + 3H2CO3

In other words, a molecule of citric acid reacts with three molecules of sodium bicarbonate to form a molecule of sodium citrate and three molecules of carbonic acid. Although an acid is reacting with a base, this is not a neutralisation reaction. In a neutralisation reaction, the products are water and salt; lemon juice is a weaker acid and baking soda is an organic salt. If you were to measure the pH of a solution containing the products, it would be lower than 7 (acidic).

Carbon dioxide, a gas, is produced by the reaction. Any time a chemical reaction produces a gas, it will be heavily favoured due to the large increase in entropy associated with gas formation. When this happens, you will notice the solution bubbling and foaming rapidly.

This reaction is very exothermic, meaning it releases a sizable amount of energy as heat when it proceeds. Therefore, product formation (including the evolution of CO2 gas and water) occurs rapidly and the solution heats up noticeably. Fortunately, lemon juice is sufficiently dilute that there are not any real safety concerns associated with the reaction, although it will definitely make a mess if you add enough lemon juice.
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It helps with hyper-pigmentation, it helps to get rid of dark spots on inner thighs, neck, face etc. Just cut the lime and and rub it on the area then base it with the baking soda. Leave it until dry and wash off.
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You are essentially seeing the reaction caused by opening a can of soda.  The baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3, and the lemon juice is a strong (I think?) acid, denoted HA.  When in solution, the sodium bicarbonate will dissociate into Na+ and HCO3-.  The lemon juice will conjugate to H+ and A-.  The H+ will combine with the bicarbonate ion (HCO3-) to make carbonic acid, H2CO3, the source of carbonation in soda.  However, at atmospheric pressure carbonic acid will break down to water (H2O) and carbon dioxide gas (CO2).  The reaction if driven to the right of equilibrium by the evolution of CO2, and hence all of the bicarbonate ion will be used up by the end of this reaction.  This will leave an aqueous solution of  your lemon juice with the spectator ion sodium balancing its charge, [A-]Na+.
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Well I think They Cause a chemical Reaction Like Viniger & baking Soda Its Kind Of Simular Like "Guest" Said It is like opening up a soda can.
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All I know is I think it's good to brush your teeth with this once it stops fizzing.
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Lemon juice and baking soda when combined is the best rust remover for clothes.. Tested and proven it deodorizes the clothes thus making it smell fresh!
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Lemon juice is an acid. Baking soda is a base. When those two neutralize, they produce a gas called carbon dioxide. Acids are sour and turn to litmus red. Bases are slippery and turn to litmus blue.
I did a science project on this and it turned out successful. When the lemon juice and baking soda mixed together, they lid off my rocket shot off.
  -Lexi :)
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Together I do not know. YOu can dip or immerse certain foods in lemon juice to keep them from getting dark or rusting. Baking Soda can be mixed together with little water to pour over a corroded battery cable to dissolve the corrosion. I know there are other many uses for each of these, but this is just two examples of uses.
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I used lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda as an alkalising drink. I put 2 teaspoonful of lemon juice, add one-half a teaspoon of bicarb and after it has stopped fizzing, top up with pure apple juice. Delish. I sometimes add four drops of peroxide (10) for oxygenation.
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I mix baking soda with onions and honey and i slather it all over my face. Then i cut a lemon and rub the lemon on my face and baking soda mixture. The reaction fizzes and burns a bit on the face but my face has never looked better. I do this every day.

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I only know that can find a lot of benefits by mixing water with lemon and drinking it every day.

You will give a great boost to your health system. Lemon is full of Vitamin C, our body and our skin loves Vitamin C.

Recently I wrote an article about lemon and water in my blog, you can check it and see the most important benefits that you will gain if you start drinking it everyday.

Warm water with lemon in the morning - my article about lemon water

Now about soda, I already know that is similar to lemon and has also many benefits if you are going to mix it with water (just one small spoon, not more).

I personal use it after a hard workout, and I think that helps me recover faster than the normal. Also I use it when my stomach does not feel so well.

And finally if you mix them together, they start doing this chemical noise of acid, I do not suggest try to mix them and drink them. Hehehe ..

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It is a very refreshing drink, the Bi-Carb Soda will raise your body Ph back to normal, the lemon juice will act as a medium to transfer it into your system , Bi-Carb Soda stopped to 1918 Flu dead in its tracks
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Bubbles will form showing that a reaction has occured between the molecules in the lemon juice and the molecules in the baking soda.
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The first answer was the only one that was even remotely close.   Lemon juice (citric acid) is not a strong acid though, it has a dissociation of maybe 5%.
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I think that baking soda and lemon juice mixed together make like a chemical that has a lot of air abd it might blow off the cork of the bottle
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The acid in the lemon juice reacts with the base of the baking soda causing the two to neutralize each other making a gas.

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