How Does A Person Get Dimples In The Cheeks?


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Dimples are a genetic trait - if you have one parent with dimples in their cheeks, there is a 25-50% chance that you will have them, too. If you have two parents with dimples, that chance increases to 50-100%.
The dimple is actually caused by a genetic defect and is seen as proof that malformations can have benefits, as many people see dimples as being cute and attractive. The dimple is due to a cheek muscle not reaching its full length and leaving a small gap. This is caused because of some fault in the development of subcutaneous connective tissue. All babies therefore, have dimples, but as their face muscles grow the dimple, for most people, disappears. As people grow, their muscles and fat grow and change shape in their cheek, so the size and shape of the dimple changes.
Dimples can also occur on any part of the body, but it is a dimple on the face that is most recognised as a dimple due to its prominence.
In some rare cases people develop a dimple on just one cheek, but it is far more usual for dimples to appear on both cheeks simultaneously.
Some people may have a dimple on their chin called cleft chin. Dimple on the chin is not hereditary. It occurs due to the incomplete intermingling of the both left and right halves of the lower jaw during embryological development.
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Actually you are all wrong in the sense that you cannot get dimples. I tried a trick were you perse your lips together and move them as far as you can to one side of your face, then after a couple of months, I got a dimple, then I done the same, but on the other side. I have went from not having any dimples what so ever, to having deep set dimples on both cheeks, just like cheryl cole.x
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How long do you do it for and do you have to keep doing it??
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What do you mean by pursing your lips ?
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Omds, lucky you
what do you mean by perse your lips together ?
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Oh my god I have an amazing way to get adorable cheek dimples over night!!!!! Ok ok her it goes. Ok so now go get yourself two bottle caps (I prefer the ones on top of water bottles) ok now locate them on your cheek. Now tape it securely very securely!!! Now go to sleep and when you wake up you will have adorable dimples on your cheek.      (p.s. You have to do this every night or the dimples will fade away)
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I don't know how but ive got 1 dimple on my right cheek, it wasnt there a few months ago so its true you can develop dimples, its pointless having surgery but just keep pursing your lips to 1 side OR smile with your teeth and push in the places on your cheeks where you want dimples;;
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I think, and I'm no expert, that by doing the cheek `exercise`, you define muscles on your face and get rid of some fat there, that way, your hereditary dimples start to show..that happened to me too when I randomly, over time just got used to holding my cheek in a certain way while reading etc..and pooof I got a dimple a couple of weeks later
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Dimples are just like abs if you don't exercise them you wont get them
of course the proper exercise of getting dimples is always smile =)
I haven't seen a miserable person with dimples in his cheeks
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Hi, I have been doing the whole purse lip thing for a cuple of weeks but so far I don't see any result =s could any of you who hav tried it and got results post a picture or something showing how you did it that would be a real help thanks guys xx
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u cant just get pretty sure it-either you have them or you dont..i have dimples but ive had them forever-ik they can go away but im pretty sure you cant just get them...and dont use bottlecaps..that just sounds painful=P....but yep

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i got a dimple in my right face and a divided chin.. I am wondering how i get  this. Till i ask my mom and she said  when she giving birth at me while the midwife lay me on her stomach and clean she press my face while her little finger pointing in my chin. That's is the story how i get dimple and same also i did to my  2 kids and i thing it is effective dimples not only inherit but it be made  also.

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Actually, I have gotten very deep dimples , just by putting my fingers where I want both dimples to be ( both sides of the cheek ) and smiling the biggest smile, while pushing my fingers down into the cheek .

I have very chubby cheeks, and this method has seemed to work on me in just ONE week! Yes that's right 1 week!

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Those who say getting dimples is stupid you are stupid. You have them so you don't see the big deal but there are a lot of magazines, media and tv that says what you should look like and we go by society and conform. Just like some people put gel in their hair or put make up on its all the same thing just some see it as more extreme than others. You have to appreciate that many people are not happy about the way they look and may need "dimples" to make them feel good about it. You don't have to knock it but just understand. I don't have dimples and am happy with what I have got although I would look good with dimples. So those who want it don't get plastic surgery it might make you look worse but do what you got to do and don't mind any haters.
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I've seen miserable people with dimples like they almost show when the face is just resting. It's adorable, but I don't want them. I don't think they'd match my personality. If this face is by Intelligent design then the designer did fine by me. Good luck getting dimples to anyone who wants them though. People with dimples always look seem to smile happier than those without and I think that's a lovely thing in this world.
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Dimples are the result of muscles fold when they contract and they are in your heredity. You don't get your dimples, you born with it and it is in your genes. You mom, dad or any close relative might have them. It is also called genetic recessive trait.
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Yes someone requested that can anyone post a photo on how they do that pursing-lips-thing. I'm not sure if I'm doing it the right way. It would be much appreciated. Please!
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Zuhail is right - it's just the way the muscles lie under your skin, and there's nothing you can do about it - you either got them or you haven't! I was born with dimples on my cheeks and I hated them. They're still there but unfortunately surrounded by lines as well!
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Dimples  are  imprints we are born on our cheeks  with  and  is  not  something  that you  can get , I don't  think  a   plastic  surgeon  can  give you  dimples
Like  I was born with  a  birth mark on my neck   that  is like asking  how can I get a birthmark  to  cover  my whole  right side ,  I can't  unless  I  was born  that way  or some hereditary  disorder  caused  that  to happen
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You have to be Born with them. My mom, dad brother and sisters don't have any but I do =S. Kinda weird really. But it's all in the GENES you can't just get them. Unless you have surgery.
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You have to be born with deep dimples but sometimes even if you have the genes it might not show up and thus you are a carrier

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