Can Sweat Clog Your Pores?


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Yes sweat can cause clogging of pores. The clogged pores, or ducts then result in acne too, which can be simply called sweat acne.

The condition, which is called "Sweat Acne"  is also known as Pityrosporum Folliculitis (PF). It is usually caused by a fungus as the pityrosporum fungus. This fungus is a naturally-occurring substance that feeds itself on human sweat but that also tends to proliferate in the bodies of some people. It is especially true for those people who tend to perspire very heavily. Pityrosporum Folliculitis, shortly known as PF therefore usually appears in those areas of the body that perspire most: The back, under arms, chest, upper arms, upper thighs and the hip area.

To avoid acne in these areas of the body witching to a non-comedogenic Essenceor or to Elation products will prove to be very helpful. Another thing that can be very helpful is  active therapy with Id Beta-Hydroxy Clarifying System  which is designed for both Men and Women . PF is very notorious for recurring when therapy and cure is this continued. In order to keep it from coming back I would recommend the use of Id Gel which will help in keeping your skin cool and dry, and thereby helping in preventing sweating.

Consequentially, the proliferation of the pityrosporum fungus. As with all skin conditions, we recommend that you see a Dermatologist for proper diagnoses and treatment options (you may need internally-taken, prescription medication. Consult a dermatologist if you think you may have "Sweat Acne."
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Yes but you should wash  your face if thats the case.. And you should take a shower if you sweat like thattt much honey

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