I Have Really Pale Skin And My Face Always Seems To Look Dull. I've Been Told I Should Use Blusher To Enhance My Look But Every Time I Try Using It I End Up Looking Like A Porcelain Doll! Are There Any Tips I Could Follow?


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Many women go over the top with blusher and the result can end up looking quite scary! It can be quite tricky but there are some steps you can follow to provide you with the best look for you.

To find out where to start applying the blush it is helpful to look in the mirror and find the most plumped up bit of flesh when you smile. This bit of flesh is called the 'apple' of the cheek and it is better to start applying the blush there. Make sure you tap off any excess powder before touching your face with the brush and then start with circular motions moving towards the hairline but not going completely to it. Don't press down too hard while applying either and if you are using a cream blush it is better to pat the cream on rather than wiping it.

For a better glow you can also sweep the brush along the arc of the forehead and the arc of the chin. However, if you are wearing strong eye and lip make up, it is advisable that you either do not wear any blush or that you make it as natural looking as possible.
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You should have your makeup professionally done at least once,and you will get a idea of colors to use and how much and correct way to apply your makeup to get the best look for you.....
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Looking like a porcelain doll isn't a bad thing! In fact, is a very popular look on the runways these days. However, if you want to give yourself a bit more colour, consider using a small amount of bronzer. Be sure to get the most subtle shade possible or it won't look natural. Brush it lightly on your face and neck. Gently wipe off any excess with a tissue.

You could also try different types of blush. Cream and gel blushes can look quite natural. Be sure to blend them in well. Also, there are very subtle liquid blushes on the market. You simply dot it on the apple of your cheeks, and place a few smaller dots along your cheek bones. Then blend in very well. Finish with a light dusting of powder to set. Hopefully, by enhancing your natural look you will really come to appreciate it!
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Why not go in the opposite direction and enhance the white of your complexion? This can also bring out the most beautiful effects.

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