I'm afraid I have a really low self-esteem, I never want to take photos. Lots of people have told me you're beautiful and I know I'm not extremely ugly, but I have a nose that looks bad on profile. And my face has not the best shape to make it look better. What can I do?


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Samii Gergus answered

Go to Drama to get your confidence up a little.

Take lots of pictures of your own, and choose the one you like the best! I mean LOADS of photo's! If you do theres always one that you'll be like 'hm, thats actually alright' with:)

Take them from above aswell, Always makes pictures look good:)

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stephanie swank answered

i used to be self concious..and all it took for me was to just be myself...and now i relize ima sexy lil beast^-^ but all in all just be proud of who you are..there has to be 1 part of your body that you love...just start from that:)

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sriparna haldar answered

It's the same problem with me.. Maybe you're not photogenic.... Try editing your pics

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