If You Scrub Your Face Every Day, Will It Clear Up Spots?


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No. You may be surprised to hear that over-doing it on the facial scrub actually causes your skin to produce even MORE oil and therefore makes it greasier and more prone to spot outbreaks.

The most ideal way to keep your skin under control if it is a little oily is to invest in some quality products to nourish and protect it. A gentle face wash or cleansing foam can be used to calm the skin each morning and night. Follow with cleanser, toner and moisturiser which will bring a good regime to your skin's rejuvenation process, and allow it to balance out.

If you have particularly irritated skin, by either acne or dryness, you should consult your GP to get further skin advice which is more suitable to your condition.
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Yes! Also, remember the skin is the window to your body. So eat well and drink lots of water.
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You shouldn't "scrub" your face if you have acne.  Just wash it gently with warm water and soap so that you don't irritate it.

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