Can You Please Provide Me An Easy-to-use Avocado Face Pack For Dry Skin That I Can Prepare At My Own Home?


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Sudipa Sarkar answered
Avocado, primarily found in subtropical and tropical regions, is known for its usefulness in promoting physical beauty. You may prepare an avocado pack for your dry skin very easily at your own home. All you need is 2-3 tbsp avocado, same amount of pure honey. Mix both of the ingredients very well. Now add 1 egg yolk into it and blend it till it gets a smooth texture altogether. Now apply it onto the face.

Avocado is believed to provide enhancement to the skin and it is assumed that avocado has the ability to rejuvenate the skin. But as you have dry skin, you might follow some other important and essential guidelines for taking good care of your skin such as drinking plenty of water, doing regular exercise, going through healthy diets containing fruits and green vegetables. Apart from that, a good skin always needs plenty of sleep and a stress free environment. So you should include meditation in your daily routine in order to alleviate stress in your daily life. Try to avoid smoking and drinking as much as possible.

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