I Had Terrible Acne On My Face Which Lead To Disfiguring, Can This Be Stopped And Is It Most Of All Curable ?


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I used to have a complicated case of acne but it is gone now, I tried a lot of products and consultations but to no avail...all of them doesn't seem to work. I also did a lot of research and experimentations applying all sorts of probable cures like (antibiotics, home made remedies, taking a lot of vitamins/supplements to counter stress)--> all of these were not that totally effective.

They said that acne is hereditary which means you can have acne if your parents or grandparents had it too during their earlier years. And also they claim that diet is also a factor to get acne, eating chocolates and oily foods contribute to acne ---> not entirely true.

My advise: First and foremost never ever keep on touching or squeezing those acne even if they are tempting by thinking you may get rid of them and hope to dry up ---> don't do this. The only way to extract an acne is when you see it like dried flake which shows it has totally dried up. Secondly, I always drink green tea, it refreshes and cleanses the body, somehow it helps detoxifies or purifies unwanted impurities in your body. Third, don't put just anything on your acne like creams like retin-a ---> never use this! I did before it made my acne worst coz it is supposed to deliver out all deep-seated acne to come all out in a unison. If ever someone tells you to use retin-a or any tretinoin based product don't!
Fourth, don't be too conscious of the outlook gravity of your infection, mental stress can also be a factor for stress-causing acne. And speaking of stress always get an 8 hours of sleep and take supplements, the best supplements are in liquid form so that the vitamins are easily absorbed, I always drink commercial powdered milk or milk chocolates the ones with vitamins, drink it early morning to keep you out of stress.

P.s if you're skin is oily use an anti-bacterial soap and apply it around 2 to 3 minutes on your skin rinse and pat dry, don't let it stay and dry it will undoubtedly aggravate your skin and block your skin pores which will clogged and give you another breakout, use it twice a day morning and evening.

Well I hope this helps:) it did for me it will also do for you:)

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