What are some reasons for getting a tattoo?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Some people get them for some strange reasons and many get them as a way to express themselves or something they believe in. Some get them as a body decoration also. I have a couple from where my family was born and raised and one from my unit when I was in Vietnam. Just don't ever get one when you've been drinking because you'll regret it later.

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Lard Ass answered

Mine all have meaning to me. One I got when I started nursing school many many years ago....my two most recent, are near and dear to my heart and very special....my next, is going to be the most unique one ever, as it's being specially designed for me. It will be my next and last.

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crow robot answered

If you want regret later in life a tattoo is what you need.

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Mamita Bonita answered

People choose different reasons a life events, an identifier, a memory, a belief... But ultimately you don't need a reason it's your body.

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Some contend: “Tattoos are cool". For some, a tattoo is a way of making a grand romantic gesture. Then too, some view tattoos as works of art. Others see them as symbols of independence. “I’m in charge of my life,” proclaimed a girl named Josie, adding that getting a tattoo was “the only life decision I’ve ever made.” Tattooing allows some youths to experiment—to feel they have control over their appearance. Tattoos can also serve as a symbol of rebellion or of alternative life-styles. Some tattoos thus contain obscene words and drawings or provocative slogans.

The majority of youths, however, may simply have become caught up in a fad.

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