My Daughter Has Recently Developed A Rash Between Her Toes, And Worryingly It Is Causing The Skin To Bleed. We Have Been Putting Canasten On It But It Is Still Getting Worse. We Have Kept The Clothes Off The Rash To Let The Air Get To It Properly, But Is There Anything Else I Should Be Doing?


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My 13 yr. Old daughter has the same rash.  The doc has prescribed an ointment but it has not worked.
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Try putting 'Mr Talbots' between the toes, this also gets rid of diaper rash. I know it is corny, but it works.
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Along with the rash, does the foot have an unpleasant odour? If so your daughter could have athletes foot.

With Athletes foot a rash appears between the cracks of the toes and it can be very red and scaly. It itches and burns and due to constant scratching it can weep and there is an unpleasant foot odour which also tags along. The condition is a fungus infection and it can be picked up almost anywhere where lots and lots of people go bare foot. For example, has your daughter been swimming lately?

The Treatment for athlete's foot can either be oral or topical and you should find something at your local chemist. An anti-fungal cream should work best and it should be applied twice a day. Try and get your daughter to stop scratching the rash if she is doing. If the rash has not cleared up within two weeks, and if it has spread within one week of treatment, then you should really consult your doctor.
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Also many fungi needs a moist, dark place to thrive. Be sure your daughter is drying really well between her toes after taking shower, bath, or otherwise getting her feet wet.

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