How To Grow Your Hair Fast For Cornrows?


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Cornrowing helps hair grow faster because it experiences less manipulation i.e. Blow drying, combing, flat-ironing etc. However, they should not bee too tight and you will need to moisturise the scalp daily with a good natural oil such as jojoba, rosemary or even a mixture of natural oils. Before conrowing however, make sure you deep condition hair, after massage you scalp for at least 5 minutes with a selected natural oil / a natural leave in conditioner which containts a good selection of natural oil (prefereably one which does not cause dandruff or buildup) then get it conrowed ( if you need to blow dry it first or flat iron it, please use a good heat protectant). You may use a daily braid spray, please find a natural one  or make one with some glycerin, water and a selection of natural oils, this wll help keep them moisturised. The main point is that you must keep your scalp moisturised, if possible massage nightly before going to bed, and also DO NOT, AND I REPEAT DO NOT HAVE THE CORNROWS IN FOR LONGER THAN 2MONTHS!!!! After you take them out, wash and condition and also deep condition ( A protein treatment might be best, for those who can't have protein, any other type of deep conditioner will do, once again take care if blow drying/ flat ironing, you should be able to see a difference in length and texture of hair) and either wait for a week+ before getting it conrowed again, or you can get it conrowed straight away depending on how strong your hair is. When I was younger, I use to have my hair conrowed every week, which helped it grow and soften the texture, and hardly any breakage. When I got older, I couldn't have it conrowed every week because I was considered too big, and therefore should take care of my own unfair is that! For many years I struggled with my hair as I didn't know how to conrow, I tried learning but got nowhere, and I couldn't afford salon prices. Now I get my hair conrowed every 2months, and seeing great improvements. I also don't use shampoo at all, my hair loves it, I co-wash (this is washing with conditioner only) with a natural conditioner. Some times I take a break from conrowing, and co-wash every other day or at least 3times a week. I believe Moisture is the growing hair faster and that is why I recommend to moisturise the scalp daily, especially if you have cornrows.
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Generally hair grows a lot faster when trimmed often, because the ends of your hair folicles become so dry they are in need of care constantly, therefore trimming takes away the need for the nutrition to concentrate on the ends of your hair. So it will grow faster!

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