Does wearing mascara everyday ruin your eyelashes?


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Morgan Ferrell answered

Not really.What mascara does to your lashes from a beauty standpoint is make them look darker, longer, and thicker. This draws more attention to the eyes and can be used alone or to provide a polished look.The basic ingredients in a mascara are pigments for coloring, various waxes, and preservatives. Water-resistant mascaras include solvents to keep mascara from running in case of contact with water, sweat, or tears.

Much of the damage mascara causes can be attributed not to the mascara itself, but the improper care of eyelashes when wearing mascara

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Well people say makeup is bad for your skin but its not always the case , if you cleanse your face throughly including mascara before you go to bed then that’s fine , but if u leave mascara on it isn’t so good , also if you wear mascara made by natural , not artificial bad stuff it does have a difference even though its not some visible change , I don’t mean that you have to get mascara that is made full out of natural products but if you did its still makes a difference , but most importantly make sure you get rid f the mascara or makeup before you go to bed  :)

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If you sleep with mascara on then it can make your some of your eyelashes fall out, but if you make sure you take it off properly there is no damage.

Applying Vaseline to them before you go to sleep will help them grow faster and feel softer.

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Make sure you are using a high quality mascara and wash it off with a natural cleanser every night.

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