I'm 16, I just started wearing makeup and I don't have a clue how. I do wear mascara and eyeliner. So how do you put it on, in what order, and what kind? Thanks for your help.


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Sephora Stores. Alone or inside JCP, experienced, friendly and knowledgeable, they have  printouts on thousands of their products. You can get many samples of makeup, moisturizers and perfumes. A facial and makeup. All free.

Join and you get points for free makeup and perfumes and a really nice 🎁 on your birthday.

I know because I go every two weeks. Its soooooo much fun.

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Go to one of the department store's cosmetics counter and the ladies there will be able to help you learn how to apply makeup.  Ulta also has people who can show you the different brands of makeup and what will work best for you, they'll also give you a refund if you decide you don't like it.

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Now that I'm an adult I've learned that less is more .. But when I was 16 I walked around looking like a raccoon :)  anyway .. Eye liner first , mascara second .. Less is more !! Unless you wanna be a raccoon :p

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