Do you put on mascara or eyeliner first?


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Raven Mouse answered

I personally put eyeliner on first because if you do mascara first it's a bit difficult to do the eyeliner.

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Sara Lewis answered

Personally I always put my eyeliner on first, and then my mascara. I find that if you try to put eyeliner on when you already have mascara on, you're liable to smudge your mascara all over your eyes (or I am, at least!)

That said, I think everyone has their own approach, and however you get there is just fine! 
I'm fairly sure I don't apply most makeup in a a way that would be taught in any beauty school, but as long as you're happy with what you see in the mirror when you've finished, who cares!

A lot of how you apply make up depends on the sort of look you are going for, too. 

If you're just after a very natural look with not too many products, I wouldn't get hung up on application techniques, just go for the quickest and easiest approach. 

If you want something more dramatic and technical, a good idea might be to check out some make up tutorials on YouTube. These are hugely popular and you should be able to find one for whatever technique you're trying to master.

Michelle Phan is one of the biggest YouTube make up gurus, you should give her videos a watch:

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Nice Girl answered

I don't use makeup a lot but when I do I just put on an eyeliner...I don't put both the things at once becoz then I feel creepy using too much make-up!:)

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