What Should You Wear If You Are Petite?


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Will Martin answered
This is a god shape, because you can wear both feminine and more boyish clothes.

If you have a small, slight figure you should look very good in more delicate jewellery and accesories, that wouldn't show up well on someone larger.

For clothes, if you are small you can often get away with things like baggy pullovers, that otherwise can make someone look rather fatter than they are. A big pullover or loose shirt with close-fitting jeans, for instance, can be a lovely combination on a petite figure. If you are small-breasted you will also look fine in roll necks, ruffled blouses etc.

You will probably look good in very feminine styles, but too much detail may not be helpful. So, a dress is fine, but a "busy" pattern may swamp you, so that people look at your dress rather than you. Likewise be careful with very chunky things like big boots or very wide belts - these can work, but again may be too overwhelming.

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