Which Leg Is Best To Wear An Anklet On?


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You'll be amazed to know that an anklet was first used on girl children, in India. The reason was that when the girl would get married, she would be just about seven to eight years old, following the ancient system of 'child marriages' in India. At the time, the girl's mother-in-law, herself a young girl of perhaps twenty to twenty one, would encircle a ring of bells around the bride's ankles, so that she would be able to keep track of where she was, and what she was doing, at any point of time. This was how the custom of wearing anklets came about. Today, there are so many different types of anklets, with bells and without, with colour and without, with beads and without, and one can wear it either singly or on both ankles, or wear two on one single ankle: anything goes, as long as you can carry it off with flair and élan!
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I wear mines in my left leg out of random choice

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