Should i change earrings?


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Got both my ears pierced August 6th, so almost two months ago. Recently I was playing basketball and one of them fell out and I lost it. The next day I went to a piercing shop and she said the hole was closed a little so she poked it again with a needle which was quick and painless and put in 2 surgical steel earrings (I had them pierced at claires in august so they were stainless steel before) but she told me the ones she put in are the ones I should have gotten pierced with but they are REALLY.. Anyway my brother got me 14g earrings and I wanted to know if it was safe to put them in due to the fact she had to poke a hole in my other ear does that mean the whole process restarts and I have to wait 6-8 weeks again for the right ear?

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If person didn't break the skin when putting in the new one I would wait 2 weeks to wear your new earrings from your brother. If the skin broke, and there was blood I would wait the 6 weeks.

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Do you want to?

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Yes, of course it is worth changing earrings, especially if you have only one in your assortment. For example, I wear diamond earrings for men and I have 3-4 types of earrings in my assortment at home, so to speak, for all occasions. It's really cool when you sparkle in a new look every time.

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