My Earrings Won`t Come Out What Should I Do?


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After trying for about 3 days to get my new studs out, ive discovered the best way to do it;
get a hook earring (the type with a long curved hook which goes through your ear) and stick the hooked part through one side of the butterfly back on the stud earring in your ear. Now take hold of the front of the stud and gently pull the hook which is throught the back. It comes off really easily, doesnt hurt or break your nails or earrings!!!
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Well, first turn it, then slowly while you're turning it it should help with getting out. AT the end it's pretty tricky to get 'em out, you have to pull really hard. But it shouldn't hurt, I've had my ears pierced 2x.
First clean your ears with alcohol to kill the germs. After they dry, try using a small amount of mineral oil on the posts. Dab it on and work them around to try and get it into the piercing.

If your ear lobes are infected you need to see the doctor ASAP.
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All you have to do is hold the front with your middle finger and pointer on your left hand if your taking out the right earing and the same fingers in the back. Push as if the butterfly were trying to catch up with the earring part. Then the earing should be sticking out a little. Then in the same position, pull the front slowly and...PRESTO!
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Well that happened to me and I took a Q-Tip and put some alcohol and put it around your earring than wait like 2 minutes and try to pull it out if it works than clean your ears regularly if it doesnt then you got a problem
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I used to have the same problem. Now all you do is wiggle the front and hold the back and they come right out!
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You don't say what type of earrings they are, if you had them pierced with a gun they will most likely be the worse type of jewellry in existence! The posts are often way too short and the backs have holes in them where bacteria can build up and cause infection and swelling. The best thing you can do is go along to an actual piercing studio (not a mall or the shop where you got them done but where trained piercers with more experience can help you) and if all else fails you might have go to hospital to have them cut out. Learn from this advice and don't have any part of you pierced with a gun, go to a reputable piercer and save yourself the hassle of later complications that can be easily avoided.
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I was brushing my hair today and I hit my earring really hard, and it came out.
The backing fell on the ground so I picked it up and took out my earring and held it in my hand, then my sister pushed me and the earring fell in the grass (No luck finding it in there) so I left and tried to get my other earring out (No luck) So now I'm stuck with one earring in, one earring out.. I'm pretty sure your situation is way better than mine.
And I'm graduating soon.. Up-do with one earring. ;
Not too attractive.
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Hey try Mustard oil on your ear. Its best for such problems, especially if there is a small wound and infection like this.
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Hi cledg1,

If Boris's idea doesn't work (and it is a wonderful idea), I would suggest dabbing a little bit of Preparation H on your earlobe. Hey, don't laugh, it works for undereye puffiness and hemmerhoids, doesn't it?

Let us know how it goes!

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