What Is your Favorite Hair Style?


9 Answers

Rachel Profile
Rachel answered
Long and curly
Stephenie-Grace Boeman Profile
Alice Cullen Hair definitely
Christina Willis Profile
I would like mine long and curly. But I have straight bland hair.
Apirl Profile
Apirl answered
Everyone says that my hair looks good curly but i hate it that way. I like is down to my shoulders and straight. I guess if have curly hair you want it straight and if you have straight hair you want it curly!
Gabe Fernandes Profile
Gabe Fernandes answered
Spiky hair style is my favorite.
Lin Simone Profile
Lin Simone , My favorite hair type called 360 Lace Frontal, answered

My favorite hair type called  360 Lace Frontal. 360 Lace Frontal has many
features that most people do not know. Today, let's go into the world of 360
lace frontal closure.

speaking, 360 Lace Frontal is designed to recreate the hairline around the
head, aiming to give a beautiful and natural looking hairline. With this hair, you will only need 2 hair bundles to
create a full and beautiful Human Hair Lace Front wigs. Moreover baby hair can be stuck in the front to make the look
more natural. It offers free parting style, then you can part your 360 lace
closure in any direction and style it in a high or low ponytail as your wishes.

Lace Frontal is also designed with the aim of decreasing Cheap Human Hair Bundles with frontal installation time and create
a natural look within one hour or sewn in quickly getting a light, natural and
easy final wig feels. With 360 Lace Frontal, you do not need to sewn down your
wefts on your head but to a wig cap, which makes it easier to wear and take off
and makes your job much easier.

360 lace frontal achieve the desired look of a sew-in hair weave, and avoid the
needs to install, blend or leave out simultaneously. It offers adjustable
straps in the back making it more snug onto head, so you get all this great
parting space after you bleaching the knots. The 360 Lace Frontal comes with 4
inches parting room in the front, offers freestyle parting style, you can part
your hair weave in your desired direction and don't need to worry about your
hair edges being exposed.

most important, it is 100% virgin human hair, can last for 1 year with proper
care, can be cut, colored, straightened, curled due to the virgin quality. You
can explore a wide collection of amazing hair that has been prepared to
maintain the quality. As of now, we have catered many and they are happy with
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