Why is it wrong for Middle Easterners to brainwash women into wearing covering clothing but not wrong for Westerners to brainwash women into wearing revealing clothing?


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It is not the clothing, that anyone is upset with. It is the way women are treated as possessions and are not allowed to be educated, and have few rights that western people have a problem with.

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I think it's wrong to brainwash anyone, but who says Middle Eastern women are all brainwashed? Some of them probably don't appreciate the society they live in, but some of them probably like wearing covering clothing. I think women should wear what they want to and people shouldn't be trying to "brainwash" them into wearing something else.

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Definition of brainwash: Make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure.

Through the use of TV and magazine ads, Western women are subjected to pressure to dress a certain way. They are not beaten if they don't wear a tank top versus a button-down shirt. They have the option to dress how they please.

Middle Eastern women face a different set of circumstances should they defy the status quo. They can be beaten and tortured and thrown in jail for what we would consider a minor offense. It seems they have no rights of their own.

Righting the wrong - in this case, helping the Middle Eastern women have their own voice - will take tremendous effort and influence from others. I don't know if it will happen in my lifetime. Western women don't face that same struggle in regards to clothing, in my opinion.

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I hate the assumption that all middle easterners are brainwashed people who have no free will ,despite the fact that there are many countries in that area with very different cultures and laws, and not all of them are muslims and not all muslims practice their religion!

If covering yourself is the law, then it's the law. Yes it's not right and not fair, but there are countries where this is not the case and some women can freely CHOOSE what they wear. If they want to wear revealing clothes or cover themselves up it's called free will not necessarily brainwashing.

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All brainwashing is wrong.

You have a particular aspect of two different cultures:

One culture that permits a woman to have a choice, and another that forbids it.  

One that seeks and values the contributions of women in its society, and the other that sees females only as subservient breeding vessels. 

Hard-won modern freedoms verses regressive 7th-century desert tribal superstition and ignorance. 

Which if any, to you, requires the real brainwashing? Is there really a comparison to made? 

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N. Harmonik
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Don't Westerners ostracize and bully women who don't fit their standards of beauty and drive them to suicide and anorexia as a result?
Call me Z
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Not as a common custom, no. You fail to count the more numerous legions of "regular" Western women who have no insecurity complexes about their appearance.
They are free to determine their own accessibility.
N. Harmonik
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