Is It Ok For Guy To Wear Wife Clothes?


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I am married for 4 years now. Earlier I use to wear my wife's dresses and jewelery in her absence. My wife one day suspected that someone else uses her dresses. She doubted whether I had a relationship with a girl. Due to that I had to tell her about my fetish to wear female dresses. She couldn't understand what I was saying. To test me she asked me to wear one of her dress and I wore it with much comfort.She was amazed to see me so convenient in her Saree. The slowly I explained her how I feel when I wear those dresses. She observed the difference at the bed that night. After some time she asked me what am I wishing regarding this. I said I have a desire to dress as a lady and wear all the female jewelery everyday.She said ok but not outside. Your this look will be for me only. I said thank you. So I started wearing her saris every evening after work. I would put some fake ear and nose rings but they were either inconvenient or unstable to hold on. Then she asked whether I can have piercings.I just jumped in joy and immediately got my ear lobes and right nose trill pierced. Now she helps me in make up and she shops for my inner wear(female) and she gets my blouses and petticoats stitched.We are enjoying it and nobody knows about it. I wear small studs in the ears for out going and leaving the nose void.Trust me this has strengthened our relationship. I love my wife and she loves me a lot too.
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Sure, it is okay to wear your wife's clothes if you are the same size and it is okay with her.  My wife and I have seperate wardrobes, but we are close enough in size that with a number of things, like many blouses, skirts, dresses and pants we can "borrow" from one another which is a nice thing giving both of us more choices in what we wear.  But as for lingerie, well we keep them seperate, but we have bought some matching lingerie which we enjoy wearing on the same day, knowing what the other has on under our outer clothes.
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Only if she understands you are not really that strange

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