Should Fat Women Wear Tight Clothes?


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I think it's important for people to dress in whatever makes them feel comfortable.

Having said that, though, I'd also suggest that wearing clothes that are appropriate to your body type is just as important.

Fat women wearing tight clothes

I don't even think this issue is restricted to just fat women.

Wouldn't you find it strange if a tall guy wore trousers so short that they only came down as far as his shins? Wouldn't it be strange to see a waif-like woman walking about in an XXL basketball jersey?

Dressing in a way that suits and flatters your body shape is an important part of fashion. If you want to give the impression that you don't care what you wear, then that is a different story altogether.

Should fat women wear tight-fitting clothes?

I think you'll find that most people will respond to that question with a resounding 'no'.

It's not because people have any particular issue with women being overweight, but dressing in a way that attracts more attention than is necessary to a certain body part is a big fashion faux-pas.

In my opinion, an overweight woman wearing zebra print leggings that bulge and stretch over her generous posterior looks just as crass as a glamour model wearing a belt as a top.

It looks unflattering and uncomfortable. Making use of your figure and dressing accordingly is the key to looking good, no matter what size you are.
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No...most of the ones who I have seen could use a little modesty.
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Good golly, no! There's this chick with blooming tight jeans and she's probably 200 pounds.

Her legs are chunky as heck. I'm being honest.

And there's this other girl who always wears short shirts and you can see her stomach. I'm not being rude. I love fat people. Theyre cuddly and squishy.
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"Fat women" should wear whatever makes them feel confident. Tight fitting, or loose. We have no place to be discouraging that. Fat is beautiful just like thin is!

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Nooooooooooooo!!!! I don't think anyone that is large should wear tight clothing (no offense).
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It shows off their fat, they should dress in clothes that flatter them. Just because thinner people can look good in tighter t-shirts and skinny jeans does not mean they can.

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