Why Is It Illegal For Women To Not Wear Shirts?


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Billy Price answered
If it were up to me everyone should be able to go topless
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We have got more to show! :D
seriously, I wish everyone had to wear shirts out in public. Men too unless at a pool or the beach. Frankly i do not want to see all that, yuk.. Hairy armpits, beer bellies, flab etc. It is those guys who go without shirts!'
and those muscle men type who look like plastic dolls aren't much better. I prefer a more natural looking guy - one with muscles made by hard, manual labor, not steroids and bow-flexes.
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I don't Think so because the professional suiting is not completed without shirts!
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Lisa Kinzey answered
Because, thank God, we still have a few morals left in this country, if nothing else!
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martha commented
If breasts are not sex organs then why do so many men go gaga over them?
Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
I am so in aggreeance with you here Smoopy1965!
Anonymous commented
Men go ga-ga over them because we have made them taboo. African tribal males don't stand around drooling over exposed breasts. Its like curse words. The only reason certain arbitrary words are bad is because people have told us they are.
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I sure wouldn't want some disgusting perverse old man staring at me, let alone some disgusting perverse woman looking at me like that for that matter either. They are not just for feeding babies, as all women can tell you, they have more than one purpose. I myself, would be insulted if there were women running around without shirts, and no it isn't a size thing either! We don't live in tribal communities here, and are more civilized than that.
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martha commented
Amen sis, you go girl. Who wants to see all that. Not me, I have 'boobs' and I can see them any time I want.
Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
Lmao roff!!!!! That is right. So we all agree, (carrying a sign here) Say no to boobs! Lmao roff
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Women have more features than men, let's just say. And society would think that they are trashy prostitutes (on the exception of some men). But it's just disgusting and inappropriate because it's not common to the world we live in today. I'm a girl and I know for a fact that I would NOT go topless even if you paid me.
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Lol...because of boobies

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