I had severe acne on my shoulders all summer and being a lifeguard, I was in the sun all the time. The acne left scars and I am super embarrassed of them. They are light light pink. Does anyone know the best way to fade these scars? Please help :(


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You might try some pure cocoa butter, or vitamin E oil. You can also buy a product called mederma that is supposed to fade scars.

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I'm sorry to hear that your acne scars are embarrassing you. I can understand how you feel but I am sure that you notice them much more than other people do.

To start with, there are many creams that you can buy to help the scars fade. Some can be bought without prescription if the thought of visiting your doctor doesn't appeal.

Just look for creams that contain vitamin C or Kojic acid which is a natural skin lightener that comes from mushrooms!

You could also think about visiting a dermatologist for laser treatment. You would typically need between one and three sessions, and the purpose is to even out the surface of the skin and encourage collagen formation.

The main thing to remember though, is that acne scars will fade but they sometimes take time. This can be up to a year so patience is definitely a virtue with this one.

The scars look pink because blood vessels have moved to the surface in order to give the skin much needed nourishment. In the next month or so collagen starts to form and that fills in the injured skin and it will start to look normal again.

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Depending on how bad the scars are and how big you can start with over the counter Bio Oil, but in reality a visit to a Dermatologist should be first on your list. He/She can offer you different treatment plans.

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