I'm wearing a lime green prom dress, but not sure on what colour shoes to wear. Any ideas?


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Lime green is a
great color; its bright and beautiful and especially since so many colors
go with it! Hot pink, black, and even gray would look amazing! Try to
stay away from brown, blues, purples

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Jojo A. answered

I would only wear off white,  not tan,  but sort of a light beige. Being the crafty girl I am, I'd get lime nail polish and make some kind of decoration on the shoes

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Lime green is what is considered a 'cool' colour as opposed to 'warm' colour of green like forest green.  A flattering colour to wear with a cool colour is another cool colour. Something either as bright .. Like bright white with matching white accessories.  The look will be crisp and clean, and on the 'formal' side.

If you want a 'fun' full of colour look .. then accessorize with a bright yellow, or bright blue .. with matching jewelry

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