I'm 13 and I wear a thong and a micro mini skirt to school, I know the boys stare at me when I bend over but I love it, once even a boy came up to me and squeezed my bum! What do you think?


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You go for it Girl - if you enjoy the attention and can handle it and you have the confidence then I don't see whats wrong.. Enjoy !!
My Daughter 9, wears micro minis but is still wearing Bikini style knickers. Perhaps thongs soon !!
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Jayne Ashmore
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Hi Leigh, has Jasmin had anything interesting for Xmas?
leigh leighly
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Hi jayne
Depends what you mean by interesting. Main items were Xbox and games etc. She also got a very tight Latex Mini Skirt, some boots with 8 inch heels, all special orders.. Looks so cute...
Jayne Ashmore
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Leigh, Just meant the clothes, Holly had a skin tight white lycra micro-mini which she actually wore on Xmas day. I dont think her grandma and grandad have ever had so many views of Hollys knickers, she was showing her tight white knickers nearly all day!
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I think that is cool!!If you want a better affect for people like me get a bigger, round bum bum!
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I think your the skankyest 13 year old I've ever heard of, and you might become a protitute later in life
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Your a slutt!
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I think you would end up being a stripper, golddigger or prostitute if you like the attention.
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Loook chick its one thing to wear a thong I would to if I needed to but I don't usually so what ev but still if you have read any of previous comments you can see that is frowned upon in most establishments except like stripping and prostitution. I think its important to look great and show off your assets as a girl,but do it tastefully it way more attractive when you leave somethings to the imagination put some pants on girli...btw I don't even approve of the guys who show thier butts with the low baggy pants so don't think I'm being sexist as a girl. Plus if a guy likes you he doesnt need to see you thong to realize that. Upgrade your standards
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 I am 15 and I have never purposely showed that much. I love attention too. But I don't go strutting around wearing mini skirts. The farthest I go is wearing shirts that show lots of cleavage, but all lower regions are covered. I can't believe parents are letting their kids go out in attire like this. So you ask what I think? I think you should consider putting a few more inches and more layers of fabric on yourself. This is why young girls are getting taken and get in trouble.  Because they think it is okay to dress like this, and you are just a piece of meat to these people.  I sincerely hope that you decide to cover yourself a little more.

And girl to girl, you are better than this. Subjecting yourself. I don't know you, but I doubt you are a bad person. Those guys are only thinking of you in one way, but you are a person. And you say you are comfortable and love the attention, but if you ever feel uncomfortable, please tell someone. Also don't let guys touch you. That just cray cray. K bye

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Too young what the heck.Worry about your schooling and what you will be when you get older,the way it seems to be going is not in the right direction.Attract guys with your personality and not your skankness because the only guys you will attract are low lifes that only wants a gilr for sex also pedophiles that lure on innocent children and you are just inviting them.You don't have too look slutty to attract guys grow up.
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Wow doesn't your school have a dress code ! I definitely would not let my daughter go to school like that. What about your teachers. They must have seen your thong panties at some time don't you feel embarrassed to think you teachers have seen your thong and bottom cheeks.
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If this nonsense is true. I think you will eventually reap what you sow!
You make it seem as though neither your parents, nor your school, have any sense of responsibility for their little children.
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Lets just say a girl done that in my school and later in the year she was known as the school slag, also don't forget that its not just the boys in your school that see it, its also all the people outside schoo as well.
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Wow, it is slutty and to be 13 or even 9??? Don't you guys worry about the old perverts\pedi-files? They could look at your girls and day dream about them or even be kidnapped? Don't you worry?
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You're too young, and once you're a bit older, I can only imagine what you'll turn into, or what'll happen. A lot of the answer above sound about right.
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I think you eed to get ahold of yourself before you ruin your life, and you parents need to step in. Who would by their 13 year old daughter a thong? Messed up parenting
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Wow. I'm 13 to. And I don't even wear frieggin mini skirts or any shirts at all, I wear jeans,. Like most 13 year olds. You slut.

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