Is it okay for guys to wear two necklaces at the same time? I have two I want to wear at once but I think some people might find it strange, what's your opinion? One is wood bead with a shark tooth and the other is a white shell if that helps.


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If it shows your personality, do it - who cares what anyone else thinks its all about you!!!!

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Of course it's perfectly fine. As long as you like it, you should be free to wear whatever you want.

Two necklaces are actually really nice, especially if they fit together.  Plus it is not something related to the "feminine sphere": There's plenty of men out there who wear necklaces and are comfortable with them. For example, a man like Johnny Depp, usually wears even more than two necklaces:

Also, the one that you have seem to be pretty nice together, I'd totally go for it. Don't worry too much about people who might find it strange. If we cared too much about what people think about us, we wouldn't even be able to get out of the door. They are free to think what they want as much as you are free to wear whatever you like!

So yes, they it's totally fine! (:

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Yeah that's fine guys wear stuff like that all of the time.

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