For the ladies on here, how much makeup do you usually wear? I wear black eyeliner on my water line and a light coat of mascara on the days when I go out. But I don't apply extra for soccer.


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I don't wear extensive make-up, doesn't take me but 10 minutes to get ready to go somewhere....excluding the shower of course!

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Primer, concealer, liquid foundation and mineral powder, peach blush and a little lipstick.

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Just my lip gloss - seriously that's the extent of my make up.

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I usually don't wear any makeup at all because I'm lazy and often I'd wake up a few minutes before class with only enough time to get dressed and brush my teeth.

But if I have a zit or red spot, then I'd usually cover it using BB cream (which is like a tinted moisturizer but is also a primer, concealer, and liquid foundation in one that was popularized in Asia but has finally made its way into the American market which is great because ordering stuff from Asia is a pain). 

BB cream also typically has an SPF of 30+ so I use that as sunscreen on my face when it's really bright out and I know I'll be outdoors for an extended period of time. Occasionally I would wear mascara or eyeliner for fun but that's usually if I have time since it takes me forever to put them on. I'd only wear lip gloss or lip stick (along with eye makeup, BB cream, and I'd borrow my friend's blush) for special occasions or if I go out on a date.

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As a guy I like ladies who wear make-up :)

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