What Is The Easiest Way To Shape Your Eyebrows, At Home?


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Sadia Batool answered
Well it is better to go to a beauty parlour for this purpose. But if you think that you can do it at home then go ahead. First time, make your eyebrows from a standard parlour. Then you would be able to have a shape of them. This will make your work easy. Then try to make eyebrows at home. In this way you would be able to do it at your level best.
One thing is important that you must know the correct modus operandi to make eyebrows. Then you should have a plucker or tweezers whatever you would like to use. Make sure that your plucker is neat and clean. It must be hygienic. Wash it in dettol water after usage. Don't use it for long terms. Keep on changing them accordingly. You should know how to make eyebrows. Both of the eyebrows must be on the same pattern. Cut out extra and long hair. You should be assiduous in using plucker. Make a rough shape with a pencil first. Good luck!

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