What Is So Wrong With Gray Hair?


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There is nothing wrong with gray hair,But people think that they will look old if they have gray hair
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There is nothing wrong with grey hair.  Many people pay money to have their hair frosted.  I have black hair and it is streaked with grey.  I get many complements about my hair from people I don't even know.  I will not start coloring my hair as it takes out all the natural pigment and kills it.  I would rather be who I am naturally.  Everyone grows older and eventually dies.  No one is getting out of here alive.  I would rather be myself.  I choose to grow older gracefully, with acceptance and dignity rather than feed into the illusion of eternal youth. 
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The hairs turn in to gray color when hair follicles lack a pigment called melanin. Usually after 40 years it start to gray. But it can also occur in young age. Because the melanin production is genetically inherited. For more information visit Gray Hairs. The infection in head is usually due to scratching dandruff. It can also be due to fungus or bacteria. The infection can be of psoriasis. To treat infection in head, visit a doctor for differential diagnosis and treatment.
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LOL, "The Infection" I was referring to was the gray hair silly. I don't really have "an infection" on my head other than the gray.
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Nothing is wrong with Grey hair. Some people disagree with it because they're are afraid of becoming old.
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The only thing that most say is wrong with gray hair, is it is ugly. It can make you look older, because most get gray hair when they are over thirty. Oh, and no this should be a question not a debate.

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