After Getting Your Navel Pierced, Is It Normal For Your Stomach To Swell Up Or Is That Just Me? I'm Quite Worried About It!


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It's natural for the area around the belly button to swell a little bit.  Just think about it, you had a 14 gauge needle plunged through your skin!  Just take care of it the way that your piercer told you and everything should be okay. (If you did not go to a professional piercer then you should go online and find instructions on how to care for it)  If you want to put ice on it to reduce the swelling that's fine.
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I had my naval pierced a day before you and I thought the same thing. I woke up the next day and my stomach looked swollen also but its back to normal now. My doctor said it was just my body reacting to the piercing and that there is nothing to worry about unless the area around the piercing becomes infected. Hope this helps
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The area around this would be slightly raised but not your whole area if your no better you should see a nurse at the doctors/clinic to see if you have an infection or are allergic to the bar they have used if you don't want to see the nurse you could go back to where you had the piercing done and they may have an alternative bar suitable good luck
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You will have swelling around the area of your piercing for a while. The swelling will go down gradually as your piercing heals. If you are concerned about it or it stays sore longer than you think is normal or it gets warm and red, please don't hesitate to go seek professional advise from your physician or other health care professional. Following proper cleaning will help prevent problems but just be patient and ask your doc if you are not sure, to be on the safe side.
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After a piercing, it would be natural to have swelling around the area of the piercing, but if however your whole stomach is swelling, then you need to see a doctor. Make sure you are keeping the site clean as well. Hope this helps.

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