Who Looks Best In A Bob Haircut?


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I like such haircuts a lot too, I have to say

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It loos great on heart shaped faces but you should keep it at your jawline or it would make your face look even more pointy than it really is!
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You should keep it looking glossy an shiny with special conditioners and cut it often an keep it like a short bob I think
like Michelle on coronation street ! She always look gawjus with her bob. Hope this helps x
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It depends on your height, body frame and face cuts basically. And if it is popular these days then it does not matter how it looks, you just have to follow the trends. However here is one link which can help you out with your hair style. Have a look:
bob cuts
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Rena Chisholm
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Aicha is right, it definitely depends on facial structure. A bob on someone with a round face will make their face look wider. A bob looks good on a small or oval face but if you have a long neck it will make it appear even longer.

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