My Belly Button Stays Infected. What Should I Do?


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Is it pierced? It could be because you are allergic to the metal. The belly button is the most vulnerable spot to be pierced.

If it is not pierced, keep it cleaned and well covered with an antibacterial ointment. If this doesn't make it clearer in 2 days go to see a doctor for a stronger medication.
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There is an astringent cleaner that can help clear up infections it is called witch hazel and applying it twice to three times a day to the infected area can clear up infections better than any antibacterial ointment. Some people when they have ear infections even pour it in their ears to take the infection away. It is one of those old time cures. I have poured it on an ingrown toe nail that even antibiotics from the doctor wasn't clearing up and within days it had cleared up considerably. You can buy a bottle of witch hazel at your local pharmacy or chemist.
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I have pus coming from my naval and a lump behind and to the top of the naval if I puss on the lump more pus comes out

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