Why Is My Hair Getting Thinner And Falling Out?


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Hey there,well several reasons include:

The products you put in your hair, the more you put in the more long term damage
Its causing your hair, most drug store shampoos not only don't wash out the
Products uve put in your hair prior to your shower, but they also leave residues in
Your hair, which just like hair spray, mouse, or gel, with time thin out your hair
And cause rapid hair loss.

St8tening does a great amount of damage to your hair, it is literally heat
Pulling, burning, and stretching your hair... The extreme heat thins out your hair
And causes split ends, which if not cut and trimmed out, can keep splitting to the
Root and that's how you get thin hair.

Stress is probably one of the most common causes for rapid hair loss, there
Are 3 types of hair loss, genetic. Stress related and self inflicted. The genetically
Inherited hair loss is usually seen to take place anywhere from the age of 22- 30
And up, all depends on the persons . With todays achieved technology hair loss
Is very easily treatable, so don't get to down about it, if your hair is thinning,
I would suggest having it trimmed and nicely cut once every 3-4 months

And last but not least diet. Diet is the biggest thing to watch out for, if you are eatting
A lot of junk food, you are giving your body nothing but garbage and, garbage has no nutrients
, Nutrients are what you need to stay healthy. Not only healthy hair but healthy
Skin, nails, eye whites and organs. Its amazing how the smallest things we take for granted
Are the things that matter the most. Don't pull your hair back into a tight pony tail or bum
You are stretching the hair and damadging the hair folicle, also don't scratch your head so roughtly
It also damages the hair follicle damage. Don't die your hair so much, don't use chemicals on it if you don't
Have to, and don't always blow dry it, it is great to let your hair air dry every once a week.

Lol anyways I hope this helps a little.
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Maybe you are washing it too often and causing damage by using blowdryer and other chemicals or applying to much heat?  Or maybe your shampoo doesnt suit you or simply you are stressed out causing this
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It can be due to so many causes environmental, eating habits, improper
maintenance, use of wrong products and so on. All problems have
solutions you have to see which one relates to your particular problem
and take remedial steps to stop the hair loss.

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Hi, there!

there are many things you can do to prevent your current hair loss from getting worse.
Avoid wearing hats/caps for long periods of time (and, when you do wear them, make sure they're not pulling your hair) - they're important when you need to protect your hair from strong sun, witch does great damage to your hair.

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