I'm not emo, or some kind of punk. But I think it would be just awesome if I dyed my bangs blue, or like a pale purple. I'm a christian, and what's your opinion, and how do you think my parents would react?


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It's natural for all teenagers to want to express themselves and try out different looks and hairstyles. Dying your hair can be lots of fun but, if you're concerned about your parent's reaction, perhaps it's worth sitting down with them and explaining exactly why you want to dye your hair.
For some parents, their worst nightmare is the idea of their young son or daughter waltzing into the house with bright blue hair, a nose piercing, or a tattoo. Often, the reasoning behind what can sometimes seem to be a parent's overreaction is actually based in their natural love and concern for their offspring, so sometimes its better to sit down and discuss things rationally beforehand, rather than to just do it in a gung-ho way and worry about their reactions later.

The concerns your parents may have about you dying your hair

When sitting down with your parents to discuss the dying of your hair, it might be worth thinking about the concerns they may have. For some parents, it's not the changing of your hair color that is the issue - but rather what it may represent to them. Parents can think too much into things, and it is very possible that your parents will over analyse the situation. Because your parents may associate bright hair colors with certain stereotypes, it is best to allay any fears by explaining yourself calmly, in case they assume the worst.

Alternatively, you could just go ahead and dye your hair and deal with the consequences later, just don't be surprised if your parents assume you're only doing it to fit in with a cult you've recently joined that also lists recreational drug use and unprotected sex amongst its initiation requirements.

What colors to dye your hair?

Once you've managed to convince your parents that dying your hair doesn't mean that you'll be joining a travelling circus any time soon, you're next problem will be deciding what color you actually want to dye it. Now a days, there's about a million and one different shades you can dye your hair so making a choice is harder than ever. Pale purple sounds like an interesting color, and my advice would be to do some research. Well known brands like Manic Panic boast everything from UV reactive cotton candy pink through to Vampire Red.

For many bright colors it will be necessary to strip the color from your hair using peroxide if your hair color is darker than the color you want to go for. It's also always recommended to have someone that knows what they're doing as you may be dealing with some dangerous chemicals.
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Teenagers always have and always will make their own fashion statements so dance to your own music and don't worry about what others think or say but of course your parents as you can't push them too much living under their roof so try little things at a time and see what you can get away with and back off if you can't
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I'm christian too. But I still like to mess around with hair color! My parents are sorta strict about piercings, tattoos, hair color, stuff like that...but they let me put pink highlights in the front of my hair and then when that faded out they let me bleach the tips of my hair and dye them purple (: Now the purple faded out so my tips are just bleached white. But then they wont let me dye my hair black. So I guess it just depends.
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ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR PERSONALITY AND PARENTS!!!if you have hard-ass parents who yell at you for missing one problem on your calculus test I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND IT but if you havecool parents who don't care about you going to parties all  they care about is you having fun and meeting people say your doing it for a girl/boy. IF THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT.
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They could laugh and think oh my. Look at what she has done now or how well do you like being grounded? You know your parents.
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If you are christian, well I'm not so sure your parents would be very proud. Don't die your bangs a seperate color than your hair. If you would like to die a little bit of your hair do a strip of hair, but not your bangs. Good luck! ;)
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It would look really cool,as I coloured my hair a bright blue for a fancy dress party last Christmas.It was a radical move as my hair is usually a day-glo bright red.I would think your folks might be pretty surprised by the makeover at first lol !

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