I Have Tiny Bumps On The Upper Backs Of My Arms And Legs - Like Ingrown Hairs Or Something. What Are They, And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?


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Without knowing more about the bumps, and without having seen them, I can’t really tell you what they are. However, I can still suggest a few things that might work to get rid of them!

This should help with the bumps, regardless of what they are. If they’re blocked pores, ingrown hairs, or even just a skin condition, exfoliation should help quite a bit.

Whenever you take a shower, rub your arms and legs with a loofah and shower gel. If you really want to make a difference, brush the areas with a dry body-brush before getting in the shower (remember to brush towards your heart, not away from it).

Both these things will get rid of dead skin and will improve your circulation.

This will keep the skin hydrated, which should lessen the appearance of the bumps. Use a heavier moisturizer after bathing, and a lighter one during the day.

You’ll want to find a lotion that doesn’t have anything artificial in it - E45 lotion is good, and so are the Body Butters they sell at The Body Shop.

Take Multi-Vitamins
It’s possible that these bumps are caused by a vitamin deficiency. Taking multi-vitamins will eliminate this possibility, and will probably do your skin a lot of good in general.

I know my skin is always clearer when I’m taking vitamin tablets, anyway!

Get Some Sun
I’m not suggesting sun-beds or major sun-bathing, but if you make sure your arms and legs see the light of day occasionally, you’ll be sure to notice an improvement.

If the condition is worse in winter, then it’s likely a lack of Vitamin D that’s the problem, as this is the one that you absorb from sunlight.
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The bumps can be due to many reasons. Most probably they are due to allergy. You have not mentioned that whether they itch or not. If they are itching, then they can be infections.

They are probably not ingrown hairs as this condition causes pain and inflammation. If these bumps are not spreading and not harming then don't worry. For your peace of mind, visit a dermatologist.
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Do you shave or wax?  Shaving can cause this to happen.  Have you changed soap brand recently?

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