Are Girls That Wear Thongs On The Beach Slutty?


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tinga nih Profile
tinga nih answered
People think different..
for we simply all are..
but for me its not..
it doesn't really matter what you wear..
its how you carry yourself..
the way you behave can make someone think who you are..
but no one really have the right to judge you,,
just be who you are..
if you can do it then do it,,
I can't wear thong... I'm shy.. I envy you.. =)
Smarty Pants Profile
Smarty Pants answered
No it isn't slutty. If you lived in Miami you could go to a completely nude beach called Haulover beach. There is nothing wrong with the human body. It's a beautiful thing.
carol washington Profile
Some don't need a thong on the beach to be slutty. They could be covered to their feet and still be slutty. That is behavior not fashion. But I do think maybe tone it down a bit around family's with children. The person that is able to wear a thong, good for you that you kept your body in shape.
alea trueblood Profile
alea trueblood answered
No thats hot
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Thongs don't make you slutty, having lots of promiscuous sex does.

Besides, they're terrible comfortable.
Tom Runchman Profile
Tom Runchman answered
Not usually, no. What if the person wearing thongs was a really nice and caring person, but thongs was the only thing left to wear, or because they might like wearing thongs.
David Mathley Profile
David Mathley answered
It all depends on how you carry yourself. I know you are not slutty no matter what you wear. You are an absolutely beautiful human being inside and out. I would like to see you in your bathing suit. Does that makes me perverted? Like a previous answer I think the female human body is a beautiful thing and I appreciate it. That being said there are some that I would not want to see in a thong or bathing suit at all.
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Anonymous answered
No... I do not beleive that clothes make a person slutty it is how one acts. Anyways you are single so wear what you want it is your body and your life! Maybe your friend was just jealous... I find that people who criticize or put others down have insecurities with themselves.I think you have to be a strong person that is comfortable in your own skin to wear a thong on the beach! And confidence is sexy not slutty!
Dave Andrews Profile
Dave Andrews answered
My wife is 32 and when we go to Italy or Spain on Holiday she always wears a thong or g-string bikini, not because she is slutty but because she is confident in her own body. She has a particulaly neat skin tone g-string bikini which from a distance from behind, looks as though she is nude!

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