What Clothes Do Homeless People Wear?


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If you've ever heard the expression 'beggars can't be choosers' then that pretty much sums up the clothing choices of the homeless.

Most homeless people rely on charity and donations for their clothing, which means that they tend to pretty much wear anything they can get their hands on.

What homeless people wear In the UK, charities like Crisis are involved in helping the homeless through all sorts of means, including collecting donated clothes and distributing them to the homeless.

St. Mungo's is another example of a homeless charity that accepts donations and raises funds for the homeless.

Because homeless people spend a lot of their time outdoors, their clothing needs usually reflect this. It's not uncommon to see homeless people wearing several layers of clothing to keep warm in the winter.

A warm hat like a knitted beanie is standard homeless attire. In the summer, a baseball cap might be used as protection from the scorching sun.

Homeless clothing: Different around the world

Weather and location will have a lot of influence on how a homeless person might dress. A homeless man living in Egypt, for example, would usually wear a loose fitting galabeya and sandals.

On the other hand, a homeless person getting through a winter in New York would probably wear a heavy coat or jacket (with several layers underneath) and knitted gloves.

How to look good homeless

Believe it or not, even high-fashion has touched on the world of the homeless. Although the trend for 'homeless chic' might sound like something out of a Ben Stiller movie (Think Mugatu's 'Derelicte' campaign out of Zoolander), the catwalk has been known to take inspiration from the 'homeless look'.

Some people might see it as trivialization of a serious social issue, whilst others argue that it's actually a bold statement.

Either way, this style is defined by putting together mis-matched or unlikely combinations of clothing, and can be seen on this site.
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Anything they can find.
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Whatever they can shoplift.
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Designer clothing! I once saw a homeless guy asleep in a doorway with a black suit like James Bond wears. He had nice black dress shoes. He smelled funny!

Sometimes, I wish I could be a hobo so I could get all that cool stuff. He also had a cigar in his mouth. I like hobos, they're sexy.

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