What Kind Of Clothes Do Brazilian People Wear?


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Because of the hot climate brazilian people keep their clothing to a minimum, wearing very little clothing. They usually wear:
For bathers and...
Singlets with miniskirt(girls)
no shirt with shorts(guys)
For everyday living... Although they dress similar to us, just a little less:)
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Close to nothing and that is the beauty of Brazilian people, they have an absolute innocence about being close to naked all the time instead of the moral disgrace other countries in the media try to bombard people over. Brazilians like Bikinis and the guys like the Speedo swimsuits. Besides that it's lightly clothed apparel for it is a hot place to live and you need to keep clothes light.
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For those who know better I obviously acknowledge Brazilian women tend to always be topless in thongs however at the time I answered was inappropriate to just blurt out such sensative words across others countries where women are completely vailed and this IS my respect in my action(s).. Also women moving around in thongs too much tend to get yeast infections from the string up your butt moving toward the front with fecal matter on the string going into the vagina.
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They wear nothing. They just naked way better that way

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