How Long Dose It Take For Sunburn To Go Away?


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You are going to think that this is very barbaric or something like that, but when I rarely get a sunburn, or my hubby, or my kids, we get a washcloth, or paper towels, and douse them with vinegar, and place them on the spots that are hurting. After a short while, it pulls the heat out, and then we a a lotion, but one that is very calming to the skin.
Again this sounds funny, but we use A&D ointment. It isn't just for a baby's rump, it's for burns too, and it works very well. My hubby had a burn from a torch across the back of his fingers some years back, and to this day, he has trouble remembering which hand it was. Hope this helps, good luck, and give it a try, even this late in the game.
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Well, it actually depends on how bad the sunburn is. If its not too red, should take less than a week, if red red or worse, at least 3 weeks or more. Just use a lot of after sun lotion and it will help better than anything else!
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Making a paste out of baking soda helps also and take the burning away.  Another surprising remedy is to make a very strong black tea and put in on your sunburn with a soft cloth (after it has cooled of course).  The tea seems to take the burning and the poison out of your skin.
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From the way you describe it, it's going to be a while.  If you didn't keep your skin lubricated with some sort of cream or ointment, you're probably going to start peeling.  You've got to be careful.  The sun can be very damaging to the skin.
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Go away?  I assume you mean stop hurting and being red.  Sounds like you have a bad one.  I'd guess about 4 days.  Try a product with *caine in it (e.g. Lidocaine) that is also a moisturizer.
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Well it's day 3 for me and it's just starting to dissipate, definitely still very red. If I was to predict when it will be gone, I would guess 2-3 more days. That's for me at least and the burn is pretty severe, so I guess it depends on that too.
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I have a bad sunburn on my legs wich I got yesterday and when I am inside it really burns and is really stingy so I just put some after sun cream on every now and then. It kills the pain for a while but it comes back after a while and I really want it to go away.
Try to locate an aloe vera plant.  tear off a leaf squeeze out the juice and apply it to your burn voila pain is gone....if you cannot locate a plant drug stores sell aloe vera juice tho it can be quite costly but worth it!♥
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Take Black Tea and a rag apply it to your face, reapply when dry takes the heat out and replaces the red skin to a tan!
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I got a sunburn today that is really really red, I was out in the sunlight for about 8 hours if that helps you know how bad it is, is there and way to make it go away quickly?
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I got a bad sunburn about 3 days ago & still have it, it's from my shoulders & down. The itching is killing me. What helps that?
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Me and My older sister both have gotten sunburns from our school's local field day.....we use the ole' vinegar treatment and aloe vera, it soothes the skin while helping with the redness and the burning.

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