I Have Spots On My Arms That Won't Tan, And Looks Like They Have Less Pigment There. However These Spots Won't Tan, When They Do They Come Right Back. Is There A Way To Get Rid Of It?


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Sit relaxing in any position and make sure you bear not straining your arms. Create a non-tanning crème Basic requirements are:
· Sterilized glass jars or bottles as you wish.
· Bowels for mixing
· Beeswax
· Honey
· Fruit
· Oatmeal
· Cornmeal
· Ground almond
· Ground hazelnut
· Cider vinegar
· Vodka
· Purified water
· One cup
· One cup of potatoes juice
· Essential oils

All vegetable and nut oils can be used for cleansing and nourishing the skin. Add 4-6 drops of three essential oils for your skin type, such as
· I table spoon beeswax
· 4 tablespoon sweet almond oil
· 8 teaspoon purified water
· 4 6 drops rose essential oils

rub it gently unto your arms and knead your elbows let it dry and then apply potatoes juice regularly. On your entire arms distrbutedlty. Spreading and rubbing your arms in circular movements. You will see that your patches have disappeared after four washes, tip: wash with warm water. Apply moisturizers to your arms after cleansing. Dab spots of crème on various points of your skin and the rub padding. You can also use cucumber juice instead of potatoe juice.

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