What's A Good Goth Hairstyle?


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Goth culture and fashion is known for having a creative (and often slightly quirky) approach to everything from footwear through to eye make-up, and this also applies to hairstyles. In fact, its hard to think of any subculture where you'd come across as many different cuts as you would at a goth clubnight.

A countdown of my personal top 5 Goth hairstyles is listed below:

5) Simply the best

Although I've only just finished mentioning all the quirky and creative hairstyles that Goths adorn, some times there's simply no beating a classic! The long, loose, jet-black locks of the seminal vamp: Morticia Addams (played by actress Carolyn Jones amongst others).

4) Deathhawk

Death-rock is a spooky musical sub-genre that charts somewhere between punk rock and goth rock. Nothing exemplifies this better than the 'death-hawk' - a haircut that is caught half-way between the spikey mohawks associated with the punk scene, and the teased or back-combed 80s hairspray look that was popular amongst Goths.

3) Powdered wig

Although not exclusively related to the goth scene, nothing says 'Look at me! I was an extra in Interview with a Vampire like a good powdered wig. Actually, any type of decadent 18th or 19th century hairstyle would work well if you're going for the fangs and a cape look.

2) Cyber locks

The cyber-goth scene is a phenomenon that took the Goth world by storm around the beginning of the millenium. It's a term that covers the fusing of Industrial music, EBM (electronic body music), synthpop and several other sub-genres that involve synthesizers and standing about frowning at computer screens rather than actually playing instruments. Its advent saw the introduction of hair extensions to the Gothic hair salon (they had previously been exclusive to the Afro-Caribbean hairdressers down the road). 'Cyber locks' as they are known, come in all sorts of colours and are made from everything from wool through to plastic mesh tubing.

1) Bald is beautiful

No top 5 countdown would be complete without a surprise number 1, and that's one reason for going with the '-1 all over' version of the buzz cut. To 'goth it up further', you could even cake your head with copious amounts of place foundation! Notable baldies of the goth world are Count Orlok in the movie Nosferatu and Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame. It's important to note that, as Britney Spears found out, you may only want to try and pull this look off if you're head is the 'right' shape.

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Wow, nice collection of goth hairstyles. I'm not quite sure about the goths, but if we talk about hairstyles, they are really great option to show yourself, to express all your inner feelings, in my opinion. My sister change them almost every single day, and does it right after visiting this site, that gives her dozens of new photos with new haircuts and new hairstyles as well.

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